Flood Control System

For Homeowners

The Eveready Flood Control system has been preventing damage caused by sewer backflow since 1955. Our patented system is composed of several top quality components that work together flawlessly to keep your basement dry during heavy rain. Watch a video of our Flood Control System in action during a flood.

The Dell Valve

The Eveready Dell Valve is the finest and most advanced balanced backwater valve on the market. The valve's housing is made out of stainless steel and will not rust. Inserting the valve requires no changes to your present plumbing system, aside from cutting into the existing sewer pipe outside the house.

The Dell Valve reacts instantly to sewer back flow and stops it completely before it has a chance to enter your house. The flood-valve closes AUTOMATICALLY. The higher the water rises, the tighter the valve closes. The valve requires no electricity, so it operates during power failures.

The Dell Valve
The Eveready Dell Valve (side view).

The Dell Valve
The Eveready Dell Valve (top view).

The Eveready Flood Control Dell Valve can be sized to fit virtually any size pipe, from the average, residential 6" line to 30" commercial lines. It can also be fitted to any type of sewer line, whether it is cast iron, clay or SDR plastic.

The Ejector Pump

When the flood-valve is closed, the excess water and waste is diverted through the overflow valve to the ejector pump. The heavy-duty ejector pump takes the excess water and waste that is behind the closed valve and forces it back into the city sewer, via the pump by-pass check valve. This allows you to use your plumbing facilities during flood conditions. This heavy-duty 2"-1/2 horsepower ejector pump will not allow water to build up in your house lines while the valve is closed.

Ejector Pump
The Ejector Pump (left) with Dell Valve.

The Housing

The Eveready Flood Control is housed underground in a fully finished pre-cast manhole basin (when applicable). The pre-cast basin is sealed, so it does not allow storm water to infiltrate through the manhole. It will also not require future tuck pointing repairs, as may be required with an individual block basin. The basin is large enough to allow for easy servicing. The outside placement eliminates the possibilities of any noise or odors. It also eliminates an inside mess during installation.

The Housing
The pre-cast housing.

The Cover

Whenever possible, we cover the manhole basin with the recessed cover. This allows grass or ground cover to grow over the unit, but still allows for easy access for servicing. Not only does it retain the natural aesthetics of the property, it is virtually indistinguishable from the rest of the ground. If desired, conventional covers may be used, as well as heavy-duty driveway covers as required.

The Cover
The recessed cover in place.

The Cover
The recessed cover open for inspection.

The Sentry

The Eveready Flood Control triple-light security panel -- a.k.a. "The Sentry" -- is the only part of the system that is installed inside the house. The panel not only shows you that there is power going to the pump, but it informs you when the pump is actually operating. There is even a test switch on the panel that allows you to operate the pump from inside the house.

The Sentry
The Sentry on guard (left) and while the pump is running (right).

For Municipalities

Eveready Flood Control products can be utilized to mitigate flood damages on larger municipal projects also. Whether your problem is sewer backflow or overland flooding we stand ready to assist.

The Eveready Dell Valve has prevented sewer backflow on municipal sewer lines in many communities. If additional storage is necesary, the Eveready's Storm Master System can be designed to fit your needs. Eveready can supply you with simple warning signs or our Flood Barrier Wall that will automatically activate without pumps, motors, electricity or any human intervention at all.

We are members of the Association of State Floodplain Managers, and have been members of the Illinois Association of Storm Water and Floodplain Managers since it was founded. In addition to servicing our local flood control customers, we provide our products for installation by other contractors for agencies such as:

  • The City of Naperville, IL
  • DuPage (IL) Metropolitan Juvenile Detention Center
  • Villa Scalabrini Retirement Center, Elmhurst, IL
  • University of Illinois, Champaign/Urbana, IL
  • St. Louis Metropolitan Sanitary District, St. Louis, MO
  • City of Boulder, CO

In addition to the many large commercial and municipal protects, we have installed approximately 10,000 residential flood control systems. We have worked with many local municipalities on a variety of flood proofing programs, including Naperville, Skokie, River Forest, Elmwood Park, Des Plaines, Cicero, Bensenville, South Holland, Summitt, Mount Prospect, Hinsdale Sanitary District, Citizens Utilities, Bolingbrook, Niles and Palatine

The Eveready Flood Control has been fitted to sewer lines from 4" up to and including 30". They work as effectively for preventing sewer back flow on municipal subdivisions and commercial build rigs as they do on the residential home. The Flood Barrier Wall is just as effective when protecting a flood roadway as it is for a residential garage.

Our trained and knowledgeable staff can direct you to the products that are right for your needs.

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