The Storm Master

Individuals, communities, businesses and local governments are all facing the same problem: storm water damage.

People are now being flooded more frequently because their sewers cannot handle even the smaller rains. Storm and sanitary sewers were not built to carry the flow from the seemingly heavier rains of today. Watershed development over the last 50 years has increased the flow of storm water in the existing sewer lines. As additional road work, strip malls and other paved areas were developed, we have taken away the ground areas of natural water absorption.

Flooding can create health hazards from sanitary sewage. It can also cause financial losses from actual property damage, as well as a disruption to area businesses and traffic. While some new areas may have built-in protection as they are developed, some may have the land open for surface water retention. For those communities where land surface retention areas are not feasible the answer is the Storm Master.

Storm Master is the storm water overload system developed and patented by Eveready. It is a simple, float-activated or manually operated system designed specifically to collect storm sewerage overflow water, hold it, and release it back into the existing main line as the sewer can accept it. The Storm master system can be installed to protect an entire community or to protect specific troubled sections.

Unprotected Sewer Line:

Storm Master
Normal sewer lines.

Storm Master Sewer flow under normal conditions.

Storm Master
Once sewer mains reach capacity, more severe home flooding and street flooding occur.

Sewer Line Protected by Storm Master:

Storm Master
Normal sewer lines protected by Storm Master.

Storm Master Sewer flow under normal conditions.

Storm Master Once flood stage is reached, Storm Master routes overflow water to holding tanks.

Storm Master Once main line levels drop, Storm Master automatically pumps water back out of the holding tanks.

Storm Master System expansion is easy, even around existing utilities.

Ten reasons STORM MASTER is the solution for your community.

  1. The system costs less than 60% of the cost of enlarging the existing main.

  2. Smaller areas are needed for construction, drastically reducing the disruption and inconvenience normally associated with sewer replacement programs.

  3. The system can be installed by city crews or be bid out to any qualified local contractors.

  4. Since it is a patented system, you or your contractor pay only a royalty fee for the installation rights and use of a system.

  5. The system requires no more than 8 sq. ft. of surface land because the rest of the system is underground.

  6. There is no need to disrupt community utilities services in any way.

  7. The system can be designed for different levels of protection or easily enlarged in the future to handle bigger storms.

  8. Some Federal and State financial assistance may be available.

  9. The system can be installed within 12 inches below street level, under a parking lot, a playground or even a boulevard area, without ever disturbing the appearance of the area.

  10. Eveready Company (the patent holder) will be available to monitor and check your system or consult on its development or expansion.

  11. Ten solid reasons to help make your decision easier. Positive without a single negative. STORM MASTER, the system designed for your peace of mind.

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